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Publisher: Zheng Xie

The main function: - Measure and record motion data in real time, and provide weekly or monthly motion trend graphs to make the movement situation clear at a glance; - Detect sleep data, record the length of deep sleep, shallow sleep time, help users understand their sleep in real time; - set the bracelet after connecting the bracelet, you can carry out a number of personalized settings such as call alert, smart alarm, sedentary reminder, step number, etc., to provide more convenience for the user's life; - record your riding, running, etc., visualize the results of the data, let you know your own movements; - you can connect the synchronization data to Apple Health, to achieve data movement, the user's steps, calories, distance, heart rate and other data will be synchronized; Note: - Support [health] application, you can synchronize the number of steps, calories and distance to the [health] application after authorization. - Continuous running GPS in the background may reduce your battery life
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