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XeryusEM (Extension Manager)
Category: Business

XeryusEM is the extensions manager for Xeryus Phone System, ideal for mobile users that frequently move away from their work place, because it allows consulting detailed information of extension calls history, and quickly forward incoming calls to another telephone destination. To use XeryusEM, you must have a valid service support policy of Xeryus Phone System. In case you don’t have a Xeryus Phone System or the corresponding service support policy, you may contact us at: E-mail: Phone Number: (+52) 844 438 4838 Authentication To be authenticated by XeryusEM, you must have a support policy account number, and the Xeryus user credentials for managing your telephone extension. Calls History XeryusEM allows consulting information of your telephone extension calls, by specifying the date they were registered in the Xeryus Phone System. It Also has the ability to alert, by means of a real time notification, whenever a new call is registered at your telephone extension, advising when someone is trying to contact whenever you are away your telephone extension. Call Forwarding. XeryusEM allows selecting different presence statuses (such as traveling, home, office), where you may be using your telephone extension in a given moment, and they me be associated to a telephone number for receiving your calls. Make a Call XeryusEM allows making requests to make a call from your telephone extension to another destination telephone number according to the permissions that were assigned to you at the Xeryus Phone System, and allows making requests to hang up the calls were made. XeryusEM will be your favorite tool for managing your telephone extension. For more information, visit our official site:
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