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ABC alphabet learning games for kids – brain game
Publisher: Maria Amparo Ricos
Category: Education

ABC alphabet game for children to learn to write the letters with brain games ABC alphabet learning games for kids – brain game is a wonderful game for kids, toddlers and preschoolers to practice writing and learning letters. It is the best app of handwriting practice worksheets in English. Children who are not fully familiar with the alphabet letters would benefit from playing our alphabet game to learn letters. This is a great alphabet game for kids who are still learning their ABC's and learning letters. ABC alphabet learning games for kids – brain game also contributes to the development of a child's vocabulary and memory. It is also a fun brain training game to learn letters and the alphabet. ABC alphabet learning games for kids – brain game is perfect for toddlers and kids with its fun brain games with specific educative tasks to accomplish for kids to improve their learning skills. This app helps to improve children’s motor and coordination skills with a selection of different learning handwriting worksheets. This will let them train their brain as well as enjoy these games with their friends or family. Learning alphabets has never been fun before! With this alphabet games, children and kids will enjoy every moment! A quick and easy way to learn the letters, the alphabet and play fun brain games! Labyrinth game – use your intelligence and skills to reach the letter in the maze Alphabet matching game – match the letters with beautiful pictures and drawings Paint the letters – fun painting game to color the matching letter with the picture Letter fishing game – help our fisherman to catch the right letters Find the letter - use your visual skills to find the letters on the pictures This app is highly recommendable for 3-7 year old kids, for children who attend nursery school or Kindergarten or even for primary or elementary school kids who want to do better at school. If you like our app, please rate and comment to help us improve! You can buy a version without ads.
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