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Yuzit - Borrow.Lend.Connect
Publisher: Yuzit Inc.
Category: Shopping

Borrow & Lend items you want with people locally! • The largest mobile marketplace for Borrowing & Lending items with people locally. • Make money by Lending items you own to people located near you. • Save money by Borrowing items you want from people located near you. • "Try it before you buy it"...get the feedback you want before you buy it. • Message Borrowers and Lenders safely from within the app. • Payments made securely from within the app via Credit Card by Stripe. • Add trust with users from Profile Reviews and Social Media connections. • Know that you and your items are protected with Yuzit's SafeID system. • Search items by image and sort by distance, category, price and time. "In 3 minutes I posted items & made money... didn't have to sell anything" -John "I was able to add value instantly to all of my stuff sitting in my basement" -Rebecca "Borrowing a tent for the weekend instead of buying it saved me money" -Patricia
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