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Canciones Para Dormir Bebés
Publisher: Martin Bezares
Category: Music

Does your baby cry a lot? Are there times when your baby cries for no reason? Can you put a good melodic theme to calm your baby and that he dreams like an angel ?. Choose the soothing music and put your child to sleep, a beautiful song that will really calm your baby. Cradle songs that are sung by mothers around the world so their children can sleep. The songs that you can find in this app relax the babies as they have been specially selected among the best songs for babies. - You can choose the themes. - You can choose the moment. - Great sound quality - Absolutely relaxing - The best soothing sound for your baby The nana is a soft song, usually sung to small children before going to sleep, with the intention of accelerating that process. This application is an aid to parents and in no case replaces the voice of the mother or father, which will always relax them to the maximum.
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