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Home Designs - Home Decoration Games
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Enjoy the game, home decorating games for good friends will be coming by this beautiful and elegant home decor game In this game you will need to drag home a piece of furniture, clothing scattered, each to put the facilities in this house. It is home to the most beautiful. You have to use your finger to tap and drag the furniture to decorate a mess of the beautiful. Doll house decoration game home three floors. Fun for all the family pictures actually play 100%. Enjoy a beautiful home decor games. Photo pretty cool new is good. In this game to a friend's house, according to the imagination of my friends that's bedroom, bathroom, living room or kitchen, however, as feel right now. Home decor games, this game will have to calculate the ratings of friends with me. Enjoy it! ++ For evolution of imagination and creativity. ++ Should connect to WiFi or 3G / 4G / 5G before use. ++ Have fun and actually play 100%
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