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Category: Business

Earn money by locating, inspecting and reporting on outdoor advertising sites in Australia for some of the world’s largest brands. Inspect sites in areas that suit you; shopping centres, train stations, cinemas, on roads, freeways, bus shelters and even your local gym. Inspections in the OIS App are easy, often taking less than 2 minutes to complete, with payments ranging from $5-$15. How it works: 1. Download the free OIS app and start earning. 2. Request an OIS Inspector account and start inspecting, you will be notified once inspections are available in your area 3. New inspections appear in the OIS App throughout the day, every day! Select the inspections that you know you can comfortably complete, whenever and wherever you are! 4. Complete the easy to follow prompts to finalise the inspection and then submit it.
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