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UniCourse Educational App
Publisher: Essam Omar

Find, create, and share your study groups on any device. DOUBLE your learning speed using the most effective study system on the planet. UniCourse works by allowing users to register for paid courses. Whether you’re learning a language, preparing for a test, or just answering your assignment, UniCourse allows you to search for your course, ask questions and schedule an appointment. All you have to do is choose your course and book an appointment. So where do all of UniCourse’s registered courses come from? Three places: Senior Students register courses on the app to allow you to schedule and book an appointment . YOUR PEERS. Top students, professors, teachers, and businesses around the world have created over 1 million subjects that are available to search on our Marketplace. YOU! You can easily create a course very easily both on UniCourse app. You can also share your study groups with your classmates and collaboratively develop content together.
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