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NPC For Hire
Category: Entertainment

NPC For Hire is a story driven aid for GMs that allows you to generate, build, and manage NPCs paired with beautiful hand drawn sketches. GMs will be able to spin up a story that is not only compelling, but will immerse players in a fantasy world without extensive preparation. NPC For Hire has 217 beautiful character portraits that you can use in your campaigns. This is the breakdown of the character portraits: - 58 human sketches - 28 elf sketches - 24 dwarf sketches - 21 monster sketches - 19 villain sketches - 14 halfling sketches - 14 half demon sketches - 12 hero sketches - 7 half elf sketches - 6 gnome sketches - 5 fey sketches - 4 dragon folk sketches - 4 half orc sketches - 1 half giant sketch Each character has an attitude, unique bio, and interesting feats and flaws. The bio gives a brief description of the NPC's background. Feats and flaws help GMs quickly come up with story telling points and direction on how best the character can be played. Items are also generated for each character so the pickpocket of the group always has opportunity to find something interesting.
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