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This app is your personal guide to the ACT Annual Conference on 16-17 May, at Manchester Central. If you have registered to attend, download the app now to start planning your visit. Networking is a big theme at this year’s event – the app will allow you to see who else is attending and message them beforehand to organise a time to meet. You can also see the full agenda, find out who’s speaking and plan which exhibitors you want to meet. About the ACT Annual Conference Each year, the ACT Annual Conference provides something you can’t get anywhere else: access to over 1,000 leaders in corporate finance and treasury under one roof. Our new two-day format delivers the same level of unrivalled content and networking, with the added advantage of less time out of the office. A world redefined, treasury redefined Treasurers are familiar with realigning their priorities and practices following tectonic shifts in the current geo-political environment. Yet the pace of global events and their impact on the treasurer’s role necessitates a redefined perspective on commerce and on treasury’s role within it. The ACT Annual Conference programme channels the most crucial political, economic and technological redefinitions of the age, and the consequences for enhancing corporate operational and strategic decision making. Organised by the only Chartered body for treasury, our award-winning conference will give you the knowledge and contacts needed to realise opportunity from uncertainty. We look forward to meeting you there.
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