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Our story is simple. We were in the restaurant business for over 35 years, serving customers from the Mission to Treasure Island. We made lots of great memories in those 3+ decades. But one thing we never enjoyed, was dealing with massive food distributors. The ones who only take a generic interest in your business. They ask the same basic questions–how was your day? What have you been up to? We grew tired of their complicated invoices, aggressive salesman and inconvenient service. We decided enough was enough. We asked ourselves, why not build a distributor that treats restaurants the way that we always wanted to be treated? We opened Napolitana Foods in 2015 with a focus on our products and service. That’s why we only carry cheese products that are not made with animal enzymes and our facilities are free of any non-Halal products. We never sell anything we would not have served in our own restaurants.
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