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Narrative Mysteries
Publisher: Euan Bonner
Category: Education

Designed by Euan Bonner and Anna Twitchell, lecturers at Kanda University of International Studies, this narrative-focused game has been created to be used in your EFL/ESL reading and writing class. Narrative Mysteries: The Case of Adam Mortis is an exciting interactive narrative that places you into the shoes of a detective. Once you’ve created your unique character, you and a partner will try to unravel the case of a missing university professor by interviewing multiple witnesses and conducting searches through the eyes of your detective. FOR THE STUDENT: As you play the game, each game session will focus your attention on: • The Narrative Arc • Indirect Characterization • Descriptive Writing • Narrative Perspective • Casual Language • Tense-Aspect in Narrative Discourse You will also gain valuable practice in: • Note-taking • Reading for key information • Inferencing • Writing in the narrative genre FOR THE TEACHER: The creators designed this game to be used with free supplemental classroom materials (available via links in app) that help guide your students as they work to solve the mystery. This game features: • Language control appropriate for intermediate-level ESL/EFL learners • Multiple collaboration and discussion opportunities during each play session • Project-based learning through story completion • Simple design and visuals • A multiliteracy approach to reading and writing • An opportunity for students to express their creativity by writing a unique conclusion to the mystery
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