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NT Sentinel
Category: Utilities

The National Theatre Sentinel app is designed to inform and communicate key information to the staff and general public when incidents occur in and around the National Theatre venue on London’s Southbank. The National Theatre Emergency Notification System (ENS) can quickly and easily construct and send critical information to local businesses and also respond to those that are in need. This comprehensive notification system keeps everyone informed before, during and after all events to achieve situational awareness when time is of the essence. Below are some of the features of the app and system: - Can send critical notifications using multiple types of notification (SMS, email, in-app etc) - Activate and receive confirmations from key contacts via a 2-way in-app messaging feature - Crisis Management - Clear lines of responsibility - In-app checklists - Defined communication flow - Access and execute the Business Continuity Plan at the push of a button - Track and analyse actions and responses to improve on future incidents - Enhanced situational awareness …………………………….
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