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Keep The Ball Quest
Publisher: Keehean Wan
Category: Games

Test your skills with Keep The Ball the fun and addictive move ball & don’t touch game where you need to drag the ball on the screen while avoid touching any of the shapes. Engage in a real test of reaction, focus and precision. Try to survive through the fixed duration and collect trophies. MOVE THE BALL ON THE SCREEN TO SURVIVE If you like simple and yet challenging drag ball game you can play on the go, this incredibly fun and addictive arcade game is the best choice for you. This ball game is simple to play, offering sharp graphics and cool sounds to enjoy. All you need to do in the ball arcade is to drag the ball on the screen to move it. While you move the ball around the screen you need to be careful not to touch any of the shapes on your way. Survive through a fixed to duration to progress in the arcade ball game. MULTIPLE LEVELS TO TEST YOUR SKILLS To test your skills this ball arcade game offers multiple levels to challenge you. As the levels increase, the arcade game becomes harder because the duration to pass the level is increased slightly, the overall coverage area by the shapes is also increased and more new randomized pattern of shapes will appear. React fast, move the ball and be careful with the shapes on your way so you can survive each level and get your high scores. COLLECT TROPHIES AND COMPARE SCORES ON THE NATIVE LEADERBOARD In each level of the ball game you need to collect trophies while you move the ball around the screen avoiding the shapes on the way. Drag super-precisely even in the most pressured moments for ultimate drag ball records. Try to collect as many trophies before you run out of time. Survive each level of the drag balls game without touching the shapes and collect all the trophies you can to reach your high scores. Compare scores with other arcade players on the arcade ball game’s native leader-board. FEATURES - Easy and fun to play move ball gameplay - Sharp graphics and cool sounds - Just drag the ball on the screen to move - Avoid touching any of the shapes – super fun don’t touch quest - Survive through the fixed duration - Multiple levels that increase in difficulty - Collect trophies in each move ball levels - Native leaderboard to compare scores with other players - Free don’t touch move ball quest Put a real test to your precision, focus and reflexes. Move the ball around the screen while avoiding the shapes and collecting the trophies before your time runs out. -- > Download Keep The Ball now for free!
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