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Publisher: Toubib Media Inc
Category: Medical

QuoCo provides simplified monitoring of your elderly patients' cognition by automating the use of the cognitive charts developed by P.J. Bernier, C. Gourdeau et al. for early recognition of major neurocognitive disorders (dementia). All you need is the age of the patient, the number of years of education and his/her score(s) to the MMSE (Mini-Mental State Examination) in order to assess the current cognitive state or cognitive trajectory of your patient. Designed for doctors, residents, externs and all professionals who use the MMSE, the QuoCo mobile app allows you to: - Visualize your patient's condition with the dynamic cognitive curves - Benefit of the quick mode to easily evaluate a patient during consultation - Save your patients' information to simplify monitoring and follow-ups The application automatically takes care of: - Calculating the Cognitive Quotient and place each point on the cognitive charts - Tracing the patient's cognitive trajectory (when you have more than one measure) - Setting the reference value (baseline) - Providing an interpretation of the results Other features: - Full screen mode for the cognitive charts - Instructions for the analysis of the results by the user - Available on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch - No internet connection required Developed by our interdisciplinary team of researchers, QuoCo was built from the results of the famous "Canadian Study of Health and Aging". These percentile based cognitive charts track the QuoCo score of patients in the manner of morphometric measurements of pediatric growth charts. The cognitive charts called QuoCo are patented. CAUTION: This tool should never be used as the only means of diagnosis. A good result does not necessarily exclude the presence of a major neurocognitive disorder (dementia) neither a bad result guarantees the presence of a disease. The QuoCo application should only be used by a clinician qualified to interpret and manage the interpretation provided by the application and does not release the clinician from professional liability towards patients.
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