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Publisher: PlayStarMusic Corp
Category: Education

QNASTAR is a fast-paced trivia game. Points are earned by correctly answering a series of multiple-choice or true/false questions. To advance to the next level, you will need to earn enough points through correct answers within the provided time limit. You have the option to purchase “gold bars”, which can be redeemed for hints. Each question will have a hint. For the purchase of these “virtual assets”, visit the “Shop” button on the site. Gold Bars: Gold Bars can be acquired through the “Shop” option from the Main Menu. These can be redeemed for hints to make it easier to advance in the levels. Gold Bars are sold in packages of 20, 50 or 100. Please follow the directions on the screen to order the Gold Bars. Visa, Mastercard, Individual Play Selection of the “Play” button on the main menu will commence the game. Multiple Player Games You can create a multiple player game or join an existing game. Flow of the Game: The game is divided into levels. Successful completion of a level is required before being eligible to compete in the next level. Levels shown in gray are not eligible for play yet. Levels shown in color are available for play. Selection of an available level will commence play on that level. • The environment for the level will show. Following a countdown timer, the level will begin. • The top right corner of the screen will show two levels: o A countdown timer (this is the number of seconds remaining to complete the level) o A number of points to go (this is the number of points required to complete). • Questions will appear as animated icons with a point value tied to them. Select a moving icon to reveal a question. • A hint can be obtained by redeeming a gold bar. A second gold bar can be redeemed for an explanation of the question. • Successful answering of the question will earn you the point value for that question. An incorrect answer will show as such. • The level ends upon either successful completion of the required number of points or when time runs out. If time runs out before adequate points are achieved, it will show a failure sign and the level will not advance. Scoreboard • The top of the scoreboard features a number of items: o Cups: A cup is won on head-to-head play. If you join a game and win that game, then you would receive one cup. Note: If nobody reaches the target point level required to pass the level, nobody wins and no cup is awarded. o Ruby: A ruby is won when you obtain the required number of points when in a multi-player game. o Gold Bar: This is our virtual currency. It will cost one gold bar to obtain a hint regarding a question. A second gold bar is also required to receive an explanation of the question. o The blue number determine the question count and questions completed. o The red dot represents the number of required points to complete a level. o The Star represents the number of earned points in the current game or session.
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