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Kids Theater: Farm Show
Publisher: Pavel Konstantinov
Category: Education

Educate your kid! Collect Farm animals and pets, learn animal sounds, reward yourself with deserved moment of rest. Kids Theater: Farm Show is interactive educational scene, where your baby can look for talking animals. They are hiding behind different theater objects, playing peekaboo with your kid. Game can assist you as parent during day bedtime, before night sleep or when you need 5 minutes of spare time. More than 16 carefully animated, beautifully drawn cute Farm animal characters: - Play peekaboo with Cat - Visit the family of Horse - Blow bubbles with the Pig - Jump with happy funny Dog - Listen to the baas from the Goats - Smile with cheerful Duck - Peek into the Rooster nest - Hear moo from sweet Cow - Jump with Rabbit - Enjoy your time with cute Sheep - Touch and hear pip-pip from Mouse - Try to snort like a Hedgehog - Have fun like a Frog - Turkey is a big bird, do not anger him - Important Goose, talk to him - Chick pretty little baby Each equipped with its own engagement feature and sound. 2 Mini-games designed for toddlers: - Memory Cards - Puzzle - Autoplay mode (can be turned off in Options) - Names of animals in 8 languages (Russian, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish) Just launch the game and after 5 seconds of wait animals will become active. Recommended for children of preschool age and under. Inspire and educate your kid! From the creators of prehistoric Kids Theater: Zoo Show, Kids Theater: Cars Show, Creature Seekers, Spirit Run and Zombie Run games (over 30 million downloads). *** Automatically supports all the common screen resolutions. Works equally well on phones and tablets.
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