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Kitty Mini Adventure
Publisher: Pulse Code, Inc.
Category: Games

Mini is a kitty. A kitty who dreams of flying. Make Mini’s dreams come true in this epic adventure. Made for for kids of all ages, Kitty Mini Adventure is an easy, non-violent game that takes you on a journey of discovery and skill building. Jump your way through time and space in a fun filled game that distills the best elements of RPG and endless runners. Get experience points while playing. Gain levels with experience points. Learn new skills like double jump and flying when you reach certain levels. No in-app purchase! No ads! No buttons for your little ones to accidentally touch! Everything is as simple as can be! Good Luck and Have Fun!! .... you're still here? Well I might as well give you some hints .... play the slot machine for bonuses the next time you play learn new skills every 5 levels grab the star to get temporary warp ability avoid bubbles If you are the ultimate gamer, You'll find something that Mini has been missing for a long time.
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