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Belgrade Travel Guide with Offline Street Map
Publisher: Nicolas Martinez
Category: Travel

Want to discover everything? This travel guide is all you need to make your trip a complete experience. AUGMENTED REALITY: Use the camera on your device to view the city in augmented way. Move and rotate 360° to discover everything that is hidden around you. DETAILED INFORMATION: Our guide provides all the necessary information about the destination, and recommends the best places to visit. Discover attractions, restaurants, hotels, how to get to destination, and more! CITY MAP: Enjoy our interactive city map, with adjustable zoom, without any connection! PLACES DETAILS: Find easily where to go. Our guide provides location and details of the places that you can’t miss on your visit. TRANSPORT ROUTING: Discover the best way to reach your destination using urban transport. GPS: Activate the GPS function when you are inside the city, and find out how to get anywhere. HIGH-QUALITY PHOTOS: Enjoy a full gallery with the best city photos in excellent quality. 100% OFFLINE: This tourist guide doesn't need internet connection. Enjoy your visit without roaming extra charges! USER FRIENDLY: The app has a very intuitive interface, which greatly improves the user experience. Plan your ideal travel easily! Full guide, offline functionality, transport routing, and AR are offered as in-app purchase.
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