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Publisher: Quantum Metal
Category: Finance

New User? Register your account today at: For existing user, please login using existing ID and password Transform your CURRENCY into GOLD today! Introducing a new way to make payment – MyGold Pay! Pay merchant and bills with your gold account! QM Gold apps let’s you to easily:- Access your account to check gold balance and value. - View your transaction/history statement. - Merchant Payment with MyGold Pay (New!). Pay with your gold. - Purchase gold. - Sell gold. - Transfer gold to 3rd party. - Convert account to physical gold. Why QM Gold? - Open account with minimum only of 1 (ONE) gram. - Subsequent purchase / withdrawal / transfer as low as RM10.00. - Make payment & pay bills with Merchant Payment with MyGold Pay - Perform gold transaction purchase, withdrawal, transfer or sell 24 hours / 7 days a week - Convert your gold account into physical gold withdrawal OR - Withdraw Cash into your bank account - Customer gold is stored at third party’s vault at ZERO COST. - Customer gold is FULLY INSURED and backed with 99.99% physical gold Terms and Conditions apply. Also available: Shop online minted gold bar and silver coins today! We deliver to your doorstep! 11street: Lazada: Shopee: Who is QUANTUM METAL? Quantum Metal Sdn Bhd is top distributor of LBMA gold in Malaysia with a global reach, Shariah complaint, pioneering in wealth enhancement. Our clients including commercial banks, local and foreign islamic banks, offshore bank, government bodies and private companies. We are exclusive distributor in Malaysia for The Perth Mint, Australia (fully owned by Western Australia (WA) Government) minted gold bars and ABC Bullion (Australian Bullion Company - Australia's leading precious metal and gold bullion specialist) gold bars. Learn more about us at: Website: Facebook: Email:
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