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Jigsaw Puzzles for Toddlers & Kids Free
Publisher: himanshu shah
Category: Education

Kids & Toddlers Jigsaw Puzzles is an educational & fun filled entertaining game. Puzzles for everybody. Hundreds of pictures to assemble, all the fun in one game. Kids Jigsaw Puzzles Free is an ideal game for all the toddlers who love assembling pictures. Features : - 70+ Jigsaw Puzzles - 4 levels of difficulty - Kids Jigsaw game with amazing cute HD graphics - Teaches cognitive skills, fine motor skills, patience & ability to focus - Jigsaw Puzzles categories: Zoo, Animals, Space, School, Dinosaurs, Princess & many many more - Jigsaw puzzles for kids in 4 5 age - Fun sounds & unique puzzle games 12 Categories of different puzzles to keep your child busy and engaged while learning. This educational game will help your toddler improve in problem solving, logical & cognitive skills. If your child loves to explore the jungle, animals, farms, outer space, oceans & other exciting places, this game is for you!! It is also a perfect solution for the parents, who are tired with constant taking out and clearing after their child playing with puzzles.!! Suggestions from parents are considered as part of our regular development process. You can send us your compliments/feedback on For contact details see -
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