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NOWW Shop On-Demand
Publisher: Geoff Grandberg
Category: Shopping

NOWW - waiting is so 2016! Get any product or service you want in minutes from any business or independent service provider, wherever you are. 30 seconds away from getting that dress... it's totally possible. View businesses moving around you on the map. Shop for everything by arrival time or start time. Looking for a plumber or electrician and don't want an appointment 6 hrs from now or even tomorrow? with Noww its possible to literally watch multiple professionals move towards you on the map; click their logo and have them arrive in seconds. Shop for beauty and health supplies, restaurants, designers, architects, hire professional staff, get groceries from your local deli, have a black car take you where you want to go and get everything at the lowest cost possible. Plus save your favorite driver, plumber, grocer... anyone so you can hire them on them spot even if they are not close. Don't you just hate it when you keep getting Camry's and all you wanted was a nice Sienna van to stretch out in. With Noww you choose whom you work with so you get exactly what you want. Home repair and improvement, doctors, lawyers, retailers, designers, consultants, just about everyone and everything you need now is on or will be on NOWW. Last minute tickets, hotel rooms and air travel at a fraction of the cost. Similar to shopping at Amazon except that what you order may be at your door in minutes or you can get an appointment with a professional right now that you go to, such as a doctor. Want to make your business on demand for free and get on this network for free? Go to to register.
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