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Neighbourly Market
Publisher: Neighbourly Ltd
Category: Shopping

Quickly sell things to real, verified neighbours. The Neighbourly community has over 550,000 members across New Zealand that are swapping and trading everyday. Gardening gear, kids clothes and toys, electronics, furniture, power tools, and some members just want to give things away to a neighbour who will use it (we love our members!) Neighbourly Market helps reduces waste and helps you declutter and connect with your neighbours. • VERIFIED NEIGHBOURS: Only Neighbourly’s verified members can list items and trade. Also by limiting the area to just your surrounding neighbourhoods there’s no more couriers and cards to call. Just pop round and pick stuff up. • QUICK TO LIST: Take a photo, set a price, done! When we say “Post an item in seconds” we mean it. • CHAT TO BUYERS/SELLERS: Ask any questions, discuss a price, and a time to pick it up. It doesn’t need to be more complicated than a quick chat. • DISCOVER THE RANGE: Neighbours are selling anything and everything and you’ll be surprised what treasures pop up. We hope you love your neighbourhood market, The Neighbourly Team --- WHAT IS NEIGHBOURLY? Neighbourly is the free and private neighbourhood website for New Zealand that creates an easy way for neighbours to talk and share online. Members use Neighbourly to create free and private websites for their suburbs to exchange advice, find and make recommendations for local services, share events, sell or give away unwanted items, discuss local crime, locate lost pets and ultimately get to know one another.
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