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Category: Travel

Upwardly mobile Oud-West has great shops and fascinating outdoor markets - it shouldn’t be missed! Here you will find trendy boutiques, gourmet take-away food and artisan gifts that you will never see anywhere else. It is a great slice of (the good) life in Amsterdam. This shop guide to Oud-West will help visitors navigate through the twists & turns of the neighborhood, ensuring that no shops are missed. We have packed this app with features to make sure visitors enjoy every delight found in the shops of Oud-West. • Geocentric map of the area with all shops positioned. • Corresponding shop list, indexed by category. • Calendar of outdoor and flea markets. • Contact & navigation to each shop. • Online shopping for participating shops. • Special offer discount coupons exclusive to Oud-West.Shop app users. • e-Postcards.
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