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Ohio Revised Code
Publisher: david finucane
Category: Reference

Ohio Revised Code is the statutory law of the state of Ohio for the iPhone. It consists of all 34 Titles of the that have been codified into statues. Titles include Courts, Crime, Education, Commercial Code, Corporations, Health and Safety and Morals, Liquor, Public Welfare, Motor Vehicles, and so on. It is an entire bookshelf of law in your pocket. To save space, some Sections that have been repealed have been left out. The app is suitable for anyone in Ohio working in law enforcement, or for lawyers or law students intending to practice law in Ohio. Features: - 26,000 word index. - Key word and citation searchable across the entire law or just in individual tiles or chapters. - Settable font size. - Cross references. - Complete coverage of all 32,000 sections comprising the Code. - Bookmarks. - App Settings to disable the Titles you aren't interested in, saving memory increasing speed.
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