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Publisher: Nowkey
Category: Sports

NowKey is the first mobile video analysis application dedicated to horse riders. Being user-friendly and playful, the NowKey app helps you shoot and draw figures with your fingers directly on the screen device to highlight the best practices. Then you can observe your own practice and easily understand how you can still improve the way you move with your horse. The analysis can be made by your trainer or even by yourself thanks to tutorials proposed by NowKey. Each tutorial is set up in two parts : 1. Shooting : NowKey offers specific video training guidelines so that the rider is sure to get the best pictures for further analysis. Those tutorials are divided into several levels (beginner/intermediate/advanced/expert) and disciplines (dressage/jumping/eventing). 2. Analysis : those tutorials show what and where the rider has to draw (ligne, angle, curve…) to get a consistent and coherent video analysis. WHAT IS FOR FREE ? For free, you can download the application and get unlimited access to the video tools : shooting, edition and sharing. WHAT DO I GET FOR 9,99 EUR ? For 9,99 EUR you get access to tutorials for Season 1 until end August 2019. In the meanwhile, the application will be continuously fed by new tutoriels during the whole season. NO COMMITMENT : Pay once, use it unlimited during the first season ! Are you ready ? Let’s go !
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