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Publisher: WisDat Inc.

OMA-FITNESS你的运动小管家,打开APP,即可体验在跑步机/健身车/椭圆机等有氧健身设备记录功能,随心而动,保持完美身材。 我们常常在有氧健身设备上进行锻炼,但没有注意保持运动数据,不知道自己是否有进步,或者应该用哪些有氧设备更适合自己,达到更有效的运动效果。或者将数据分散在不同的平台/APP上记录,不便于自己回顾和总结每次使用有氧设备运动的数据。 OMA-FITNESS你的运动小管家,将现有的常用有氧运动设备,统筹在一个APP 中,无论你使用的是跑步机/健身车还是椭圆机,都可以记录你的运动时间/功率/距离/消耗的卡路里等等,还可以呈现你的心律变化。用时间轴的形式帮你回顾你的运动历程,全面了解你的有氧设备运动数据。 OMA-FITNESS OMA-FITNESS-Your little sports manager. When you open the app, you can experience the recording funciton of the aerobic fitness equipments, such as treadmills, bikes and eliptical machines. You can act as you truely are and keep a ideal shape. We are often exercising on the aerobic fitness equipments. Due to ignoring to keep the data, we don't know whether we have made progress or not, and which aerobic fitness equipment is more suitable for us to achieve a better effect. In addition, keeping the data on different platforms or APPs which is not convenience for us to review and summary all the datas on each aerobic fitness equipments. OMA-FITNESS-Your little sports manager. Integrating the common aerobic fitness equipment in the APP. Whatever you are exercising on treadmill, bikes or eliptical machines, they all can record your training time, distance and calories, etc. And they can also present your heart rate changes. It’s helpful to review your exercise history on the timeline and know your data on the aerobic fitness equipments thoroughly.
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