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Kpost India
Publisher: sarath kakumanu

KPOST - A Comprehensive Communication Platform KPOST is the platform independent communication platform and it can be accessed from anywhere and from any device without difficulty and user is assured of access even in case the user is not in possession of his/her own mobile or Personal Computer. KPOST enhances mobility by offering a seamless experience across all devices. It brings a significant boost to productivity by ultimately connecting people to people instead of devices to devices. KMAIL – A Smarter Emailing Experience The structured mailing tool, POSTBOX automatically numbers the emails and lets you view them in the immediate context of their conversation. In addition, user friendly options such as message templates in the form of letterheads and lets you schedule emails and reminders when you do not receive a reply in time. KATCHUP - Rapid, seamless, secure, and reliable message delivery The users can use Katchup to add life to their text message in the form of pictures, animations, sound and formatted text. You can add a subject line or a note to each message, sending SMS through Katchup, recalling the sent message to edit and resend, sending all members or selected members of the group and forwarding with hiding source or revealing source – all these kinds of amazing features are very much part of the KATCHUP. KALL — A new and efficient way to collaborate Whether your team is in the same office, or working across the country, KALL allows face-to-face interaction, facilitating proper communication and sponsor effective collaboration. KNEWS-Cuts the noise— gives you the news you want Get your own personalized stream of articles, videos, and other content right in KPOST. The minimalist interface lets you focus on reading the news when you are ready and lets you share interesting topics with friends. KDOCUMENTS – A Secured Storage Locker It’s an exclusive online storage space for the users to store their digital documents and media files and all types of communication within the KPOST. Ke-Commerce - Pay your bills to earn rewards Booking tickets, paying your bills, buying goods and services will be simpler, smarter and also cheaper in K-eCommerce. Kamera – Take photo; shoot video and store it securely in KPOST Cloud Beyond enabling the users to take pictures and shoot videos, the Kamera gives ample scope to the KPOST users to store those precious images in Photo Albums and Videos in the Gallery. The expertly incorporated ‘search’ will make the user to find the required file based on its date of creation or place of creation with the availability of ‘Geo-tagging’ . KDirectory: one-of-a-kind universal directory The list of entire KPOST registered users’ info can be found in this universal directory. Categorized by the profession-wise, age-wise and country-wise, the user data can be easily located with its multi-tier search. If required, the user can easily invite their non-KPOST contacts and connect them in no time. Visit KPOST and register immediately to witness the future world of possibilities. KPOST – Connects the people smartly… and sensibly
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