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Orca Scan
Category: Productivity

Orca Scan is a Barcode Scanning app that was designed to make it as easy as possible to track assets and inventory using just your mobile phone, removing the need for expensive barcode scanners. It's fully configurable, simply add and remove fields to capture the data you need. Every field you add becomes a column in the exported Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, CSV file. ▸ How It Works 1) Scan any barcode QR, UPC etc 2) Add details such as quantity, description, time, GPS location 3) Add custom fields to capture additional data 4) Share scanned data in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, CSV, JSON Here are just a few of the ways people are using Orca Scan: ▸ Inventory Tracking * Manually add items * Add custom fields * Continuously scan barcodes in batch mode (no need to tap) * Automatically detect and merge duplicates * Auto increase/decrease quantities on scan * Export as Excel, CSV, XML or JSON file * Send as an email attachment ▸ Asset Tracking * Track asset locations with GPS fields * Create your own fields to track price, conditions, custody etc * Automatically timestamp when assets are inspected or transferred * Share assets in a sorted spreadsheet ▸ Attendance Tracking * Capture all the major ID barcodes like QR or Code 39 * Use continuous/batch scan mode to check-in people in seconds * Use front facing camera for self-check in and self-registration * Share or print attendance sheet in a nicely structured spreadsheet Field Types: - Text - Email - GPS Location - Number - Number (auto increase on scan) - Number (auto decrease on scan) - Date - Date Time - Time - True/False Barcodes Supported: - QR Code - Data Matrix - Aztec - Universal Product Codes (UPC) E & A - European Article Number (EAN) 8 and 13 - Code 39, Code 93 & Code 128 - PDF417 - Interleaved Two of Five (ITF) Questions, comments, or suggestions? We'd love to hear from you
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