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Publisher: Lifewonders, LLC
Category: Games

Yojohanteki's newest LGBT smartphone game. A survival game unfolding in the magical city of Tokyo, where 23 different mythologies collide. Enlist the help of powerful friends from mythologies originating around the world to advance through the vast map of Tokyo's 23 prefectures. Form your own guild. Build your strength. Which mythology... and which guild... will be the last one standing? A clash of mythologies! Who will join together? Who will be at odds? Who... will fall in love? Form relationships regardless of gender, race, or species. Write your own love story! ■Recommended Devices: iPhone 6 and up, iPod Touch(6th generation and up), iPod Touch(6th generation and up) iOS 9.0 or higher required ■Copyright (C)Lifewonders, LLC
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