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Naren's Brahmopadesham
Publisher: Umesh Pai
Category: Lifestyle

The Brahmopadesham is a ceremony performed to brahmin boys at least 7 years old. This is the time when boys will be enlightened to start their education. The boys' father becomes his first guru and whispers the powerful “Gayatri Mantra” into the boys' right ear, under the cover of a silk veil. The Gayatri Mantra is the mother of all the mantras, and when chanted with devotion, concentration, and purity, takes the chanter to the ultimate bliss – the knowledge of the supreme truth or the “Brahman”. The ceremony is filled with different activities for families and invitees. This app is one way to track Naren's Brahmopadesham ceremony. The app provides all the details about the event, but also the dates and timing of the events. You can track and follow the event through social media channels provided in the app. The event details can be saved in the app. Lastly it provides real time notification about the event as it is progressing. Don't forget to rate and provide well wishes.
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