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Publisher: jayhan edu
Category: Medical

Jaylex mobile app enables Independent workers to manage their work schedule in the most efficient way possible. Our goal is to help all Independent Workers in optimizing productivity and earning potential by giving them the ability to view and change their schedules at anytime and anywhere they go. Our mobile application was developed with caregivers in mind. We deliver an intuitive and easy-to-use scheduling and management solution that allows Independent Workers to keep track of their upcoming appointments with their clients. In essence, our mobile application consolidates all information that caregivers for their appointments on a regular basis. Our application easily connects our staff to the network of schedules within Jaylex Homecare. A centralized schedule management system makes it easy for clients to view the available caregivers for them to obtain services from. The Jaylex mobile app works in tandem with the client management platform. The Jaylex mobile app keeps work schedules simple and organized for all Independent Workers. On the other hand, the client management platform enables clients to check available caregivers and book them accordingly. Once bookings are made, the schedules are then uploaded to the system so workers can view their upcoming schedules in real time. With Jaylex mobile app, the schedule changes are updated in real time to prevent confusion among clients and caregivers. The Jaylex mobile app assists in the delivery of quality care to its clients through proper scheduling and management. Clients gain easy access to our system so they can set up one or more appointments anytime they want. The Jaylex mobile app functions as a scheduling productivity tool that allows Independent Worker to view, accept, and change their bookings without having the need to report at our headquarters, thus saving both time and money. We designed the Jaylex mobile app to be intuitive, user-friendly, and efficient. The addition of useful features including profile, payment, and customer support means all independent workers only need to use one application to manage their time wisely during working hours. The Payments feature of Jaylex mobile app is an ingenious tool for the Independent Worker as it provides them information of their earnings too. It lets them keep track of the amount of cash they earn based on the confirmed number of hours they dedicate to providing care to clients on a daily basis. The payment feature ensures that they are given a preview and summary report of their payroll in just a few clicks. The Jaylex mobile app was created to make appointment scheduling and payroll checks easier and more efficient for all Independent Worker. The use of this application hopes to inspire more independence and accountability on the part of all Independent Worker resulting in the delivery of excellent care to its clientele.
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