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New Nation Radio
Publisher: Igor Dovbenko
Category: Music

New Nation Radio is the radio station designed for the up and coming, unsigned, and independent artist of today. We take pride in our music taste in all music genres. We play varieties of HIP HOP, R&B, Rock,Blues,Disco,Country,Reggae,Dance Hall, and Jazz. We also have the most exclusive playlist on the planet which makes us the number one radio station on the planet. Are your an earlier bird looking to get your day started with some fresh upbeat tunes ?,Or your in the gym in need of some intents music to work out to, or maybe your on your way to the club to hang out and party with friends, we got you covered. Had a long day at work and just looking to unwind we also have a playlist for that too. all music streamed and played by this radio station is to give artist credit and recognition for all the hard work they do year after year to help get us through rough times and our daily task each day. Here at New Nation we like a good party so we try our best to bring the most exclusive parties to you. please support the only radio station on the planet that aims to keep you covered and always have you in mind.
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