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Publisher: Liong Lim
Category: Productivity

Jorge Luis Borges says, "Life itself is a quotation". Words are powerful, and when they come together as a sentence, they can be inspirational quotes. Quotes usually come in a combination of inspirational thoughts and insights that will made you think twice and push you, breaking through your own limit. They consist of just a few words, and they are very memorable. The quotes we compiled in our database will guide you and inspire you whenever you are, be it in a bus or in a restaurant waiting for your food to arrive. With Quotds, you don’t even need to fear for inspirations in case you want to share quotes in your social media. Our users used Quotds to push them to gym, and we’re glad that they have killed a few pounds successfully. Whenever you are facing stress, Quotds got you covered. We made everything free & accessible for you, lifetime. We promise no in-app purchases and no subscription plans. Once you have downloaded through App Store, you have every premium-made features, even if you change your iPhone in the future, it will be there for you, automatically. * Read through unlimited randomized quotes * Save your favorite quotes * Automated daily quote reminder * Write and save your own quote * Get inspired and inspire people Our randomized quote consists of different categories: * Work * Love * Sports and gym * Anti-stress and anti depression * Self-esteem and self-confidence * Power * Life lessons * Business and finance * Career * Gender equality * Joy and positive * Movies and songs * And many more We appreciate your continuous support. If you have any questions or suggestions, or you want share your inspiring quotes with us, please do not hesitate to contact us at Wolvus Technology (Facebook) or (Email).
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