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Obituaries on Demand
Publisher: John Haswell
Category: Utilities

Times Change. Obituaries on Demand is a Fill-in-the-blank Template to Create, Edit and Send obituaries by Social Media. Why pay a mortuary or newspaper big bucks for an impersonal obituary. We help you create personalized obituaries that tell a story, a tribute to honor a loved one, and how they lived their life. Collect and store facts about loved ones before their death. It’s Easy! Our Template guides you. When you’re finished simply, attach your obituary to your E-Mail, Facebook, Twitter and Send. Other options include uploading a photo, iMessage, Reminder, Add to Notes, Add to Bookmark, Add to Reading List, Copy, and More. Instructions: Do not retype the words in the template; simply complete the sentence with your own words. Caution: If you plan to add more information or edit your obituary later, leave one area blank before you submit. Save as an incomplete obituary. There is no limit to the number of words.
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