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UFO Spot
Publisher: Excelltech Inc.
Category: Utilities

Keep tabs on UFO activity in your neighborhood! Show others where you saw the saucer shaped UFO beam up the neighbors cat, so they can cast their eyes skyward and send in their own verifying reports! UFO Spot shows a map of the world, and all reported UFO sightings. Zoom in to your house, or zoom out to see all the sightings in your country. By default, if you have location services turned on you will be shows the UFO sightings around your current location. Filter the sightings that appear on your map by what type of Close Encounter it was: Close Encounter of the First Kind: A sighting of one or more unidentified flying objects (UFOs) Close Encounter of the Second Kind: An observation of a UFO, and associated physical effects from the UFO Close Encounter of the Third Kind: An observation of alien beings in association with a UFO sighting. Should you have a close encounter of your own, use UFO Spot to tell others what you experienced by hitting the 'Report a UFO Sighting' button, choose the type of encounter and enter an optional description, and submit! With your help UFO Spot will be our best tool yet for tracking and proving the existence of extraterrestrial beings!
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