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Nation News App brings the news and information that matters to you fast and easy. If you care for local and world news, business, sports and much more from East Africa, conveniently get comprehensive stories from the most trusted sources in the region:, and Our newsrooms in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania and hundreds of journalists spread across Africa will ensure that you get the true state of affairs, quickly. Choose how to get the story – text, pictures, video and audio. Get both live and recorded video on key stories to stay up to date. Interesting photos will bring East Africa and the world alive in thousands of colours. Listen to KFM Uganda & Nation FM Radio in Kenya and livestream news and local programmes from NTV Uganda and NTV Kenya. In a nutshell, this App will help you: - Receive breaking news as it happens - Personalize your news by location or interest - Save content of offline reading - Watch news on the go from NTV Uganda and NTV Kenya - Pick your main source of insightful stories from The Citizen in Tanzania, Daily Nation in Kenya and Daily Monitor in Uganda - Captivating political talkshows from KFM Uganda - Fresh hits from East Africa on Nation FM - Save content of offline reading We would love to get your feedback! Send to Privacy Policy: Contact Us: Terms of Use:
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