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ChatDirect - Message Directly
Publisher: Vinod M
Category: Business

ChatDirect is the Direct Messenger for WhatsApp that allows you to send WhatsApp Message to anyone without saving that contact in your phone and the app keeps a history of chats. The feature EasyText helps you to send quick and easy messages such as your Address, Introduction, Email Address, Business Address, Shipping Address etc. You can save easy texts in the app and you can send it by simply tap on the text. Chat Direct app keeps history of the messages and number. You can send messages later or share it later. While you use ChatDirect you are not needed to save ghost contacts to send message to WhatsApp messages. You just copy the mobile number from your phone call list or anywhere and open the Chat Direct App. With the Auto Paste feature the app will automatically detect the copied number and you can easily send messages to WhatsApp Messenger. Chat Direct App also allows to send normal SMS where your can choose WhatsApp Messenger or Normal SMS option while send a message. Also DirectChat keeps the message history if you want to save your WhatsApp Messages. Chat Direct helps your conversation fast and to keep a ghost contacts free addressbook. Features: - Just copy number from your phone call list, address book or from anywhere and open app. Number will be auto paste and you can easily send Message to WhatsApp - Send direct message to WhatsApp Messenger, WhatsApp Business, SMS without save number in Phone Directory - Keeps history of all messages where you can save WhatsApp Messages later and can export or save the number in phone contacts. - You can call, export, send WhatsApp message again from the chat history - Easy Text allows you to send saved messages quickly. You can save your address, shipping address, about yourself, email etc in the app and can send watsap message by tap on it. - Supports iPhone and iPad - If no WhatsApp Messenger installed you can send message with WhatsApp web without save number. - No contacts saving needed - Saves your time in your busy life - Safe and secure Note: You want to already install WhatsApp Messenger in your device to send message from this app. If your are not able to install the WhatsApp App on your device you can use WhatsApp Web on your device. Legal Notice: ChatDirect for WhatsApp is a third party app and is not affiliate not sponsored by WhatsApp Inc.
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