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Publisher: Lijun Yuan
Category: Utilities

产品介绍 本app是连接智能发电机的手机端应用,支持浙江诺德龙机电有限公司生产的所有发电机智能控制系统,用户通过本app可以替代原有的发电机操作方式,可以呈现出更多的传统发电机无法即时展示的电子化数据信息,并且可以实现远程操控发电机。 功能介绍 1.通过连接浙江诺德龙机电有限公司产品的自带wifi,实现远程启动和关闭发电机; 2.对每次设备的运行进行实时记录,方便维修和维护; 3.实时显示发电机工作状态,直观查看工作电压、功率、电流、发电机转速等,检测发电机的安全运行; 4.更多自定义功能。 Function introduction 1. Through connecting the product's own Wi-Fi, it can achieve remote start and stop the generator; 2. It can record the state of each equipment running in real time, to facilitate the repair and maintenance; 3. In real time, the working state of the generator can be displayed; can directly view the voltage, power, current, speed, and so on, Detection of the safe operation of the generator; 4. More custom functions.
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