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Quinsel Calmer
Publisher: Biju Zachariah

Work environments in most organizations are highly demanding and competitive leading to stress and other emotional challenges in many ways. The loss of productivity caused due to this mental stress is unnoticed and unattended to, till it shows its effect on the physical body. Any and all issues faced by the individual has an indirect impact on the mind and therefore on the productivity. Friends and family are the first bouncing boards, however many issues become sensitive and fall outside the domain of the first circle. The need to seek guidance or support from a professional becomes essential to stay focused and to give the best in all that is being done. Quinsel has developed a mobile APP “Calmer” which connects Qualified Experienced and Verified Wellness counselors on demand with the user. The Wellness counselors are listed based on their expertise, experience and language along with their availability and schedule. Their professional charges per minute are also mentioned. The User can connect with any of the available Wellness Counselor in any environment even if it does not have WiFi connectivity. On completion of the call the charges are auto debited from the wallet.
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