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Narrated Photos
Publisher: Behzad Yari
Category: Photo & Video

Using this app you can make the stories behind your photos speak for themselves. We take pictures when we party, go on vacation, and attend different events, and we tend to retell the stories behind each picture repeatedly in order to share our experiences and memories with others, too. Have your photos speak for themselves instead of retelling the story behind each photo over and over again. Use narrated photos in 3 simple steps: Step1- Import existing photos from your phone and social media. Step2- Narrate the story behind them using voiceovers and text! Step 3- Decorate your photos with themes and background music! Be sure to also input any important details such as background music, date and location. After completing these three steps, you will now have a smart narrated slideshow video with voiceover for each individual photo. Share it with your family and friends on social media through neat plugins! NP Highlights - Empowered by artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze photo content, process natural languages, text highlights, and smart search - Automatically organizing photos and videos in a central cloud storage powered by Google - Smart voice search to find photos and slideshow videos using voice - Supporting 80 languages to narrate and captions - Photo and video content search using voice - Automatic and Custom tags - Share with family and friends and avoid the hassle of retelling the same story behind each photo over and over again! For more information please visit GUGULY Corportaion
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