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Publisher: Gentlab SRL
Category: Education

Kinderunity is an online platform that eases the communication between parents, children and educators by providing a complete set of tools in order to ensure the best experience for the child during his early years. Kinderunity for teachers Teachers can set the daily presence and send the daily feedback to parents through predefined quick forms set for the activities. Having unlimited access to the platform at any time of the day reduces the time used for activity reports. The predefined forms are easy to fill in and once they are validated by the kindergarten manager, they are automatically sent to parents. Teachers can view their classes and their children’s profiles, along with the necessary info such as emergency contacts and medical details. Kinderunity for parents With Kinderunity, parents have access to periodic activity reports and daily feedback on their smartphones. The manager can select the type of reports to be sent to parents, such as: - a general presentation of the activities program / schedule; - additional observations on the behaviours of children who participated to the activities; - daily feedback on meals, sleep and mood. In the Gallery section, parents have access to photos of their children. Special moments and child performances can last through photos and videos. Through the Photo Gallery functionality you can hold the memories into one place, which reduces the risk of losing them. Why Kinderunity? As a parent, you: - will have a better image on the daily activities for each kindergarten and you can personalise the child’s daily experience; - will be kept informed on the development of the child so you can intervene at the right time when a problem occurs; - can establish an open relationship with the educator so you can act in consensus, providing unit to the educational process; - will benefit from increased quality of the time spent with your child without having to give up on your professional life; - will develop an active and dynamic relationship with the child because you have a better understanding of their needs, desires and inclinations.
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