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Nebulamix Music
Publisher: Jose Sanchez
Category: Music

Unlimited streaming of music & videos from YouTube, build and organize playlists, search for your favorite artists & songs, discover the latest beats, share with friends, and much more. Try it out and see for yourself. It's completely FREE! KEY FEATURES • Browse from millions of free songs and music videos. • Create and share your own music playlists. • Follow your favorite music artists. • Explore curated music playlists. • Discover new music that you may have missed. • Watch what's trending and the latest music releases. • Listen to international music -- If you like KPop, then we got that too. • Shuffle play your playlists. • Easily queue your next songs. • Register an account with Facebook or email. Free on mobile and on tablet • Play any song at any time Nebulamix everywhere • Create a free account and listen to your collection of music on different devices Nebulamix will continue to improve from your feedback. Please rate the app. You may also email us at Nebulamix works on cellular connections but be aware that carrier data charges may apply. We suggest you connect via a trusted Wi-Fi network whenever possible. By signing up, you agree to Nebulamix's Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy, see All videos on Nebulamix are provided by YouTube.
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