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Kids Jigsaw Puzzles Lite
Publisher: IKCstudio B.V.
Category: Education

If your kids and toddlers love an educational jigsaw puzzle, they will love the educational Kids Jigsaw Puzzles Lite! The Kids Jigsaw Puzzles Lite offers fun and educational puzzles for preschool kids and toddlers. Your children and toddlers can choose out of 40 educational jigsaw puzzles. The Kids Jigsaw Puzzles Lite for children and toddlers has 13 different puzzles with almost 40 different free Kids Jigsaw Puzzles. Even very young children and toddlers can play this educational jigsaw puzzle game easily as the educational and free Kids Jigsaw Puzzles Lite has a simple and clean user interface, is interactive, and has a drag and drop control of the puzzle pieces. The jigsaw puzzles vary in difficulty and so the Kids and toddlers Jigsaw Puzzles is educational and helps, in a playful way, to improve the logical thinking ability of your child. Your children can play the free version of Kids Jigsaw Puzzles without the clean-up or the hassle of losing pieces. Kids Jigsaw Puzzles Lite provides hours of entertainment for your children and toddlers. Features: - Children and toddlers can play from our puzzle collection of thousands of bright and colourful quality images -Children and toddlers get a fun reward at the end of each educational puzzle. - No two puzzles are the same. - You and your children and toddlers can play jigsaw puzzles on your iPhone, iPod Touch devices and iPad. - Increasing difficulty with each level puzzle. - Scatter pieces out of the puzzle area with a single command. - Help preview function to light the picture in the background of the puzzle if your children and toddlers get stuck. - Controls strategically placed to prevent accident tap by your children and toddlers on them during puzzling. - This app contains no language nor violence. Benefits: - Training of visual memory -Increase of short term memory - Concentration improvement -Development of cognitive skills
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