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Kharma Control
Category: Music

The Kharma-DSP app allows you to configure a range of Kharma products on your iPad. This range currently exists of the Kharma Enigma Veyron Subwoofer, the Kharma Elegance S10-SB Subwoofer and the Kharma Butterfly System. The app allows you to tune your subwoofer or 2.1 Butterfly system with intuitive control functions. In this way you can easily take control of the room acoustics or adjust the audio system to your personal taste. The functions include: - Standby / Power down - Basic mute control - Basic gain control - Loading 5 factory presets - Loading and saving custom presets - Graphic editing of parametric EQ’s - Editing of delays For the Butterfly system there will be additional functions present in the app, because it’s a 2.1 system. The additional functions for the Butterfly system include: - Switch between Analog and Digital Input - Master volume control - Balance settings: left, right and sub channel - Channel linking Now also the Enigma Veyron Pre-amplifier can be controlled with the Kharma Control app. The remote has the following functions: - Source selection - Volume control - Mute - Standby - Dim display The Kharma DSP app will automatically detect the models when connected to the same LAN network.
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