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Publisher: Lantana7 Advanced
Category: Lifestyle

About Quality and Beauty application Q&B is a mobile application developed with latest technologies, designed creatively and managed with professional team. Ladies can now enjoy the beautiful list of services from their mobile phone: Schedule booking, choose service, favorite employee. Evaluate services and total experience. Search on map or using keyword to find the beauty center. Share your experience, the center and services with your friends and family. Make your multiple family or friends bookings at once. Receive a reminder of your booking, browse your booking history and more. Download the app now and enjoy more other services not listed. If you are the beauty center owner, here is a complete system to manage your center bookings, employee’s time, evaluation and feedback's and become efficient in your reception area. There are many service designed to make your management effort smooth and automated, you can monitor your center\centers, you can improve quality, importantly, become leader with our ads, and grow your business
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