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Depression Journal

"iDepression" is an app for iPhone and iPod Touch to help you keep track of your depression and gather specific data including factors and events that cause depression. It help you track triggers, the effectiveness of medication. Carry around "iDepression" in your iPhone or iPod Touch all the time to keep on top of your diary. FEATURES * EASY and INTUITIVE interface to record information about your Depression. * MONITOR changes in your Depression over time. * The LOG HISTORY display allows one to view all historic data. * Add free text NOTES to each log. * CUSTOM Reports - Daily, Weekly, Monthly and more.. * GRAPHICALLY visualize * Privacy and Security - All data is stored locally on your iPhone for your privacy. * EXPORT to Microsoft Excel : data is semi-colon delimited. * No Monthly Subscription Fee (unlike some other iPhone apps). You pay once for the app and get all upgrades for FREE!. * No Internet Connection required to access data, use the app anytime, * Takes very little of your iPhone memory, extremely small database size. For any issues with the app or request for new features, please email us at We look forward to your feedback and suggestions for improving our product. Disclaimer: The information contained in this app is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment, and we recommend consultation with your doctor or health care professional.
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