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Text to Speech - Text to Voice
Publisher: ibad ur rahman
Category: Productivity

Bring your text to life with Text to Speech! Text to speech produces natural sounding synthesised text from the words that you have entered in. With 37 different voices (languages) to choose from and the ability to adjust the rate and pitch, there are countless ways in which the synthesised voice can be adjusted. Text to speech (text to voice) powers applications to read the text on your screen aloud. Features ----------------------------- - 37 Different voices (languages) to choose from - No internet required - The ability to adjust the pitch and rate - An auto expanding text field - Speak as you type - Highlight spoken text - Universal app - Star your favourite phrases Voices (Languages) ------------------------- Arabic (Saudi Arabia) - ar-SA Chinese (China) - zh-CN Chinese (Hong Kong SAR China) - zh-HK Chinese (Taiwan) - zh-TW Czech (Czech Republic) - cs-CZ Danish (Denmark) - da-DK Dutch (Belgium) - nl-BE Dutch (Netherlands) - nl-NL English (Australia) - en-AU English (Ireland) - en-IE English (South Africa) - en-ZA English (United Kingdom) - en-GB English (United States) - en-US Finnish (Finland) - fi-FI French (Canada) - fr-CA French (France) - fr-FR German (Germany) - de-DE Greek (Greece) - el-GR Hebrew (Israel) - he-IL Hindi (India) - hi-IN Hungarian (Hungary) - hu-HU Indonesian (Indonesia) - id-ID Italian (Italy) - it-IT Japanese (Japan) - ja-JP Korean (South Korea) - ko-KR Norwegian (Norway) - no-NO Polish (Poland) - pl-PL Portuguese (Brazil) - pt-BR Portuguese (Portugal) - pt-PT Romanian (Romania) - ro-RO Russian (Russia) - ru-RU Slovak (Slovakia) - sk-SK Spanish (Mexico) - es-MX Spanish (Spain) - es-ES Swedish (Sweden) - sv-SE Thai (Thailand) - th-TH Turkish (Turkey) - tr-TR Notes ----------------------------------- - The device must not be set to silent
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