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TJS Radio
Publisher: Igor Dovbenko
Category: Music

TJS Radio is the one and only Japanese Radio Station in the US. This FM Radio station (FM 106.3) has been on the air in Los Angeles, CA, broadcasting to Japanese community from 2003. From 2015, TJS Radio has started to provide internet radio – you can listen to TJS Radio from anywhere in the US. With this TJS Radio App, you can access to our station easily! One click on this TJS Radio App, you can access to our daily programs, broadcasting local, national, and international news, weather, entertainment, sports, lifestyle, and restaurant information from our studio in Los Angeles. You can enjoy various kind of music, from J-Pop, J-Rock, Anime songs to 80’s, 90’s, and latest music. Please request your favorite songs from our website – you might hear it when you are at least expected! Start your day with TJS Radio and enjoy our Japanese broadcasting programs anywhere & everywhere!
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