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Publisher: Chang Hao Liu
Category: Games

A ninja must undergo high-intensity training before becoming a Shadow Warrior. The protagonist Pika dreams of becoming the leader of the Pikahama family. He takes the initiative to ask the current leader to allow him to accept the challenge of the Valley of Patience. In Patience Valley, you lose all balance and can't control the direction of the upward jump. The only way to get up is to jump when the airflow in the body is in the right direction. The only way to play the extraordinary jump is to use the Ninja "Ao yi" when the airflow flows to the center, to gather the natural aura of the Valley of Patience and to make a strong jump The strongest person who knows the airflow in the body can enjoy himself in the Valley of Patience, which already has the necessary and sufficient conditions for the shadow warriors. The curse of Patience of Valley, the more you climb up, the defeated challengers of the past, the qi that is practiced in front of you will turn into a strong gas field of the endurance valley, affecting the road leading to the top of the Patienc of Valley When you can extract the golden air, it means you are the most powerful shadow warrior. Be prepared to accept the challenge, Pika.
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